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Large in personality

Flexurity is active for over 15 years as a temp agency for technical workers. Our strength is the personal contact with all of our employees, knowledge of the market and flexibility. This is why we can act very fast and know to match our technical workers to our clients.
From a small office we grown to a renowned agency with multiple branches and national coverage.


Experience & growth

Our internal staff had great affinity with mediation of people. Together we have more then 5 decades of experience with technical staff on board. We bring our experience to the table in order to know what we are talking about. That means we are a serious partner to our collegues in the field and to our clients. Flexurity started in 2016. From Heerenveen, Schiedam and Hoevelaken we supply our clients with the right people troughout the whole country.

Because of the current shortage of the labourmarket we also work together with our partners in other EU countries to select the best craftsmen. They recruit people form Germany, Romania, Poland, Portugal and Spain. But the despite our growth, personal contact and personal involvement with the staff and our clients is what makes us great. That has never changed!

Our team


Edwin Klave Algemeen Directeur e.klave@flexurity.nl 033-2533560
Rob Grijpink Commercieel Directeur r.grijpink@flexurity.nl 033-2533560
Edwin van Almkerk Operationeel Directeur e.vanalmkerk@flexurity.nl 033-2533560


Jeroen van den Berkmortcel Business Unit Manager j.vandenberkmortel@flexurity.nl 033-2533560
Pieter Slot Business Unit Manager p.slot@flexurity.nl 0513–704538
Jacob Pander Consultant Installatietechniek j.pander@flexurity.nl 0513–704538
Bianca Willems Consultant Installatietechniek b.willems@flexurity.nl 033-2533560
André Woltinge Consultant Maritiem a.woltinge@flexurity.nl 0513–704538
Ronald Bauman Consultant Maritiem r.bauman@flexurity.nl 033-2533560
Monika Frei Consultant Installatietechniek m.frei@flexurity.nl 0513–704538
Sander van Eeden Consultant Installatietechniek s.vaneeden@flexurity.nl 033-2533560
Nick Bredewoud Consultant Automotive n.bredewoud@flexurity.nl +31332533560
Floris Bosch Internal consultant f.bosch@flexurity.nl 033-2533560
Daniël Berlee Consultant Installatietechniek d.berlee@flexurity.nl 033-2533560


Eelco Bergsma Facility e.bergsma@flexurity.nl 033-2533560
Jan Akkermans Facility j.akkermans@flexurity.nl 033-2533560
John van den Berg Facilitair Manager j.vandenberg@flexurity.nl 033-2533560
Vladimir Kovac Facility v.kovac@flexurity.nl 033-2533560


Fabienne Cordier de Croust Office manager f.cordier@flexurity.nl 033-2533560
Miranda Hoefsloot Backoffice Employee m.hoefsloot@flexurity.nl 033-2533560
Esther Davelaar Back office employee e.davelaar@flexurity.nl 033-2533560
Shireen Backoffice Employee s.aloserij@flexurity.nl 033-2533560


Ionela van Es Recruiter i.vanes@flexurity.nl +31332533560
Oana Ungureanu Recruiter o.ungureanu@flexurity.nl +31332533560

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