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Tailor-made trainings at our training centre.

We have our own training center to ensure that our staff is fully prepared. Clients can indicate themselves which knowledge and qualifications our professionals should have in order to be able to work independently immediately.

Since the beginning of 2021 we have a training facility at our location in Hoevelaken. Various training and instruction rooms with central heating systems, heating pipes, washbasins, pouring floors, crawl spaces and much more. By providing extra training courses before a project, our professionals can start working for our clients immediately and optimally prepared.

Several modules
We have developed several modules to ensure that our professionals are optimally prepared for the project. The Pipes & Connections module is ‘standard’; the common thread through our modules. That is: mastered by all our employees. In all our modules, working independently from drawing is discussed. A frequently heard wish from our clients. All modules can be adjusted by you for the project where you want to deploy our colleagues for a longer period of time. You can indicate where you would like additional training. We make sure that our colleagues know what you expect from then. Think of extra material knowledge that you as a client work with or the way of working on your projects: you ask, we train! Because of this way of working and by providing all necessary and desired training courses internally, you as a client are always assured of the best people. Professionals with knowledge of proceedings and the right tools. In short: the Flexurity professionals can start on your project practically without instruction. Pleasant for our colleagues and even more pleasant for our clients.


A chance on the labor market for everyone

Are you well-educated or just good at your job, but do you lack just that little bit of knowledge of certain disciplines? No problem at Flexurity! Professionals are available in our own training center to prepare you for a challenging new assignment with tailor-made training. From central heating to electricity and from ventilation to radiators. Feel free to contact us without obligation.

Lots of personal attention

Every person is different. That is why we strongly believe in a personal approach. That way we can offer you a job that really suits you. But we go much further for our people. In this way we ensure that you are fully prepared for your new assignment. With first-class tools, with professional work clothing, with its own training center and with a personal point of contact, where you can always go with questions.

Customized training and additional training in our own training center

Do you need training, refresher courses or tailor-made training for a specific project? We provide it in our training and instruction rooms in Hoevelaken. Here we provide professional training within your field. Nice for our clients, who can indicate in advance which disciplines you need to master, but especially nice for you.

In our training center we usually work on the basis of modules. You can think of pipes & connections, radiators, ventilation, but also sewer or electricity. In all modules ‘working independently from drawing’ is discussed. Depending on the wishes of our clients, you can go through one or more modules.

About Flexurity

Flexurity has been active for years as a technical employment agency for executive personnel in construction, installation technology, automotive and maritime. We have national coverage and are the link between the client and technical staff. We do a lot for our employees. In addition to a good salary, we offer them excellent terms of employment and we guide them both personally and professionally. As a result, our clients are assured of motivated and professional professionals who can quickly get to work for you.

Do you have questions or want more information?

You can always contact us without obligation. Feel free to call or email.