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Challenging projects

Not people for a project, but a project for our people


Our projects vary from small to large. From residential construction to non-residential and from prestigious office buildings on the Zuidas in Amsterdam to large ships such as the SS Rotterdam. We think it is especially important that you feel at home on a project. Therefore, with us it is not a question of: this is the project, that is where you have to go. We prefer to consult with you in advance. What are your qualities? What kind of projects are you best at? We always try to find the right assignment that matches your skills. In this way we build long-term relationships. With our clients, but certainly also with our skilled workers.


  • Great diversity (in size and industry)
  • Project matching your interests and skills
  • Consultation in advance about new projects
  • Striving for long-term relationships. 

Work at and with Flexurity


At Flexurity you feel safe. At work and private

Safety is perhaps the most important of all, starting with safety during your work.

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tools & clothing

Fully prepared for the road with first class tools

When you start a new assignment, you must of course be fully prepared. Whether it`s hand tools or power tools, you will lack nothing. 

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housing & transport

Assured of good housing with maximum 4 people in a house

When it comes to housing, migrant workers are sometimes in the news, and not always in a positive way. That says nothing about the people, but about the companies they work for.

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A good salary, paid on the same day every week

One position is of course paid slightly differently than another, but at Flexurity you can count on an excellent salary. And perhaps just as important: you never have to worry about whether and when it will be deposited. We transfer the wages every week on a fixed day. That way you know exactly where you stand. All you have to do is hand in your timesheets on time. In addition to a good salary and excellent secondary conditions, you can also count on us if you need help. For example, when arranging health care benefits. We also arrange your health insurance for you. In short, at Flexurity we ensure that you are paid properly and on time and that you lack nothing in other matters.

You only have to send your timesheet
We arrange your health care benefits and health insurance
Excellent salary

Knowledge expansion in our own trainingcentre

At our location in Hoevelaken, we have training and instruction rooms where we provide professional training. Central heating systems, heating pipes, washbasins, pouring floors, crawling spaces: you will find it all here. This way we can optimally respond to questions and needs from the market.

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